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Meet the Genesis Team: Jeff

Meet JeffHere at Genesis, 80% of the requests that come in are custom. That being said, there is a need for an intermediary to be the personal connection between clients, reps, and Genesis employees. This is where Jeff comes in.  


Education and Pre-Genesis:

Jeff has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University. He then returned to earn his MBA at Mercer.


He proceeded to spend 10 years within a startup company as a Contract Manufacturing Manager.


Later, Jeff went to work at Scientific Atlanta as manager of Electro-Mechanical Component Parts. The product line he was in charge of included enclosure items, such as casting, plastics, and metals. He also worked on power supplies, connectors, and magnetics. Additionally, he sourced suppliers to help purchase these products for the best value. His spend within that company added up to $100 million and later rose to $750 million when Cisco bought Scientific Atlanta.

Jeff at Genesis:

Currently, Jeff works at Genesis as Project Manager. He works with direct accounts and reps, supporting them with all opportunities, and works internally to fulfill prospective requests. 


Jeff’s vast project experience enables him to understand the requirements of what the clients and reps are requesting for their individual projects. As an introvert himself, Jeff feels as if introverts make excellent sales people because they focus on building the relationship with the customer, not just the sale. Using his industry background, he understands the technology and can add additional value to the equation.  For example, if clients want a specific product, he can suggest a complementary part that will help them in the long run.


By developing relationships with the clients, he helps drive the quality of the service Genesis has to offer. Working with a variety of components and situations, Jeff uses that knowledge to ask the right questions when dealing with a client. Jeff is helping Genesis to further develop our product line in the data storage market.  He’s working with customers on non-standard DDR3 sockets, m.2 and u.2 connectors, a wide range of SFP+ cages, SFP28 connectors, and various SAS/SATA product offerings.  As our customers card density increases, so does the need for developing unique solutions that can meet the tougher thermal requirements of these form factors


He works with all members of the Genesis team to create a solution for the issue at hand. He keeps the engineers on task with current projects. He also understands how to approach each engineer and their different personalities to get the best overall results.


Jeff understands the business side of being a Project Manager. When spending money, he shows how our return on investment will help Genesis in future strategies. He also has to keep in mind the bigger picture when interacting with a client in order to get a better deal. If the deal doesn’t look like it is going to have the expected result, he tries to view it from different angles to see how Genesis can still help our client and continue to provide great service. 


Now about Jeff, the person. Jeff had a variety of jobs as a teenager. He mowed lawns, officiated sports games and even delivered newspapers door to door. Now in his spare time, Jeff likes to play golf and tend to his lawn

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