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The Hidden Superheroes: ATM/POS (Point of Sale) Industry



When you make a purchase from your favorite store, do you ever wonder what components make up the payment device you use? When you swing by the bank to grab some extra cash, does it ever cross your mind how the machine is able to communicate to let you withdraw that money? We’re about to explore the very parts that can be found within the ATM/POS (Point of Sale) Industry.




The PoweredUSB 


The PoweredUSB is a USB connector that supplies standard USB communication signals in addition to extra power. This handy gizmo can be found in pin pads and signature capture devices within retail stores allowing transactions to run smoothly through hot-plugging. Could you have guessed the PoweredUSB is also a significant part of making sure voting machines work efficiently? Who would have thought something so small could be such an essential part of success. One of the key features that creates high demand for this particular USB connector is that it supplies up to 6 amps within various voltage types (5V, 12V, and 24V DC power). What makes Genesis’ version of the PoweredUSB so special is we have redesigned the terminal structure and are using high-performance alloys within the device. To find out more about content about the PoweredUSB​, explore our product page and download our PDF.




The DC Power Connector 


Just like the world in general, these ridiculously handy guys come in all shapes and sizes. As their name suggests, these connectors are used as part of a reliable power supply solution from direct current (DC) to the machine or device requesting power.  A wide array of devices use these essential connectors, including pin pads on payment systems and outdoor ATMs. The Genesis range varies from Power Jacks to Power Plugs. To find out more content about the DC Power Connectors, see our selection within our product page.  


The D-sub 


This little guy reminds us that even if you are tiny, you should never be underestimated. When these connectors first became popular, they were the smallest connectors available. And they are still equally important. They gained their name from their D-shaped form. Like the DC Power Connectors, they can be found in an assortment of forms, ranging from the amount of pins contained in the connector and sizes to support the space provided. The most common use for the D-Sub connector is a communication port: communicating important tasks, such as accepting a person’s PIN number or how much money to provide back to the customer. These connectors also provide protection against EMI (electromagnetic interference). Genesis’ collection of D-sub connectors includes waterproof connectors that are rated IP67. Explore our product page!



Check out the Genesis range of PoweredUSBs, DC Power Connectors, and D-subs on our website. You can also contact an engineer for specific questions.


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