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Helping Hand to the Accident Prone

Do you think you have earned the unfortunate right to be called accident prone?

Go through the list below and see if any of this sounds like you!


1. Walking is a full contact sport for you. You will get injured, guaranteed. Running is like daring to get injured. It’s walking twice as fast!


2. You constantly find bruises and say “I have no idea how I got that”. Seriously, we injure ourselves so much that we cannot keep up with it.


3. Running into things is a regular occurrence at this point. Doors? Done it. Walls? I’m a pro. People? Oh, I’ve mastered the “I’m so sorry about that! I didn’t even see you there!”


4. The phrase “Oh, it happens all the time!’ is said with a forcible laugh after running into a door/wall. We learn to laugh at ourselves because what else can you do?


5. You have learned not to wear open-toed shoes for the constant fear that you may stub your toe or drop something heavy on it. If you do wear open toed shoes, bring Band-Aids. Lots of them.


One of the biggest dangers with being accident prone is the power cord. A cord is essentially a long dangly hazard saying: “PLEASE trip over me! It will be funny when your precious computer comes crashing down!” I do not even want to count how many times I have run into my computer cord and watched in complete horror as my most prized possession came tumbling to the ground. 



What if there was a way to help prevent this? An answer for the accident prone? The Genesis magnetic connector is that much sought after solution. This connector was built with numerous applications in mind, but primarily for power supply to laptops and phones. The main purpose of the connector is when pulled, the cord falls down and the connector stays in the computer preventing damage to the device. 


What’s so special about the Genesis Magnetic Connector compared to others? Typically, a magnetic power connector features an open circuit design. We at Genesis have developed a closed circuit method, allowing the flow of power to be focused through the striker plate. Plus, this little guy can be customized to your custom requirements. In addition to coming in handy for the aforementioned accident-prone safety feature, the mag connector can be applied to a range of industries and devices. This takes magnetic connectors to a whole new level, radically challenging the designs that are currently out there. 


Want to find out more about these injury preventing connectors? Download the Magnetic Connector PDF for more information or contact us for further questions. 

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