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Lounging in the Living Room



Genesis electro-magnetic connector components are everywhere. It’s amazing to see how many of our little connectors and parts can be located within each room of your house. To think that a part so tiny can be so essential in making your favorite devices tick blows this author’s mind. You just have to know where to look to see these little superheroes. Let’s explore your living room to see what can be found!




Typically, when you think of a living room, the first thing that comes to mind is the television. You usually can’t miss it; most people love their televisions. It’s the core system of entertainment when you are winding down from a long day. Without it, how would you avoid all those nasty chores about the house? Genesis provides many handy connectors that make this possible. For example, our HDMI connectors make it possible for you to watch videos from your tiny laptop or on your HDTV. Do you have a pretty nifty stereo and surround system for your TV? Without Genesis audio connectors, all your movies would be real life silent films!


A happy household needs a good WiFi connection. When you walk into someone’s living room, one of the first questions you may ask is, “What's your WiFi password”. Dependable WiFi is contingent on the router, frequently located in the living room. A reliable router’s main support team are found within the device: The shield can “shields” other components from damaging RF frequencies and RJ45 Ethernet connectors makes your sacred access to the Internet a reality. 




Your set-top box is a device that receives a signal and converts it into content to display on the television for all to see. Without it, you’d be restricted to basic antenna TV. The horror! F-Connectors are used to connect the set-top box to the television, carrying televisions signals for your viewing pleasure. Plus any number of stacked connectors are used to utilize the small amount of space that is provided within the set top box. 




Have more questions about any of the connectors or components mentioned above? Check out our website or contact one of our sales engineers with more specific question or to discuss an upcoming project.  

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